Farm Gate Closer SpringGate Shut™ is simple. Installed by the gate’s hinges, the tension in Gate Shut’s™ spring closer forces the gate to shut when its extended arm presses against the gate post.

Gate Shut™ is reversible.
The Gate Shut™ spring gate closer can be flipped over, so it works no matter which direction your gate opens.


Gate Shut™ is adjustable.
Gate Shut’s™ steel clamp is designed to fit on a 1-1/2” - 2” pipe for the agricultural gates and 1-3/8” - 1-5/8” pipe for the yard and pool gates.

Gate Shut™ fits most gates and comes in three sizes:
one for 10´ - 16´ agricultural gates.
one for 4´ - 8´ agricultural gates
one for 3´ - 8´ yard and pool gates.


Need to leave the gate open? On our agricultural gate springs we’ve included hardware so you can. A chain connects the gate to the gate post with an eyehook.

No latch? Spring_Gate_ClosersIn most cases, you don’t need one with Gate Shut™ gate spring. When the gate swings shut, the fence stops it from going further. The spring on Gate Shut™ will keep it closed.

Gate Shut™ will last.
It’s a powder-coated spring gate closer and is made of high-grade spring steel.

It’s easy to install. The Gate Shut™ spring comes with easy-to-read instructions. Your gate should be plumb, level and square prior to installation.